Monitoring Services



For just $10.00 a month (landline), Systems One provides you with constant protection from our U.L approved command center.  We are the highest rated service in the industry and offer protection from burglary, fire, medical and carbon monoxide all as part of our standard packages.

In the event that your alarm goes off, our well trained , friendly and alert staff will call you to verify the emergency, contact local authorities and notify you and loved ones that the authorities have been dispatched.


Please review some of our additional monitoring services.

Extra fees may apply:


With our Connect 24 service, you can arm/disarm and view the status of your alarm from your smartphone or any Internet connection in the world. You can view camera images or have them texted to you when your child comes home, or upon any other event. Find out if a door is open, unlocked or if your alarm is armed.   Control your security, thermostats, lighting and door locks from any smartphone or any computer in the world!


Should your communications system or a connection go down, with our Stay Connected feature, we will alert you if your alarm stops communicating with our central station so that a re-connection can be established.  Ask one of our agents about this feature now by calling 770-529-1845 or email us at


Old fashioned phone lines are becoming a thing of the past. As families and businesses cut these expenses out of their budgets, we are helping to keep them connected and protected.  For just $15.00 per month for our cellular alarm connection, you will save thousands of dollars over the years by deleting your phone line.  Call us today about our specials on our cellular dialers!  You can choose cellular as a primary means of communication or as a backup to landlines or VOIP.


We offer the ability to help you track and be notified, if your children make it home safely and entered their code.  Likewise, for our business users, you can track when employees are arriving and leaving, giving you a better idea of the timeliness of your staff. A log with this information can be emailed to you monthly to help you manage this aspect of your business.


Thousands of businesses and property management professionals in Georgia trust Systems One, with their fire protection and Life Safety monitoring.  Give us a call on your next property and see what great service looks like!


We specialize in helping seniors stay independent. Call us now about our home medical emergency monitoring system, that helps notify emergency personnel in case of a fall or an accident. A waterproof panic button and communication panel is always within reach in case of a fall. Our trained care operators will speak to you hands free over the system and dispatch medical care for you, as well as contact your family or neighbors that you put on the list. We value your independence and will treat you with care.









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