Residential Solutions

Technology is always evolving,  in all aspects of our lives. Our team can help you determine what works best for your situation. We specialize in all  areas of security, surveillance, home automation, integration, lighting control and home entertainment.

Home and Business Security

We have been expertly protecting thousands of  families in Georgia for fifteen years.  Get honest, no pressure advice on what a real security system looks like and what your options are.  We will never send someone that was selling “used cars” last week, to your home pretending to be an alarm expert. We stay up to date with the latest intrusion, detection, communication and automation technologies to give you the best protection for your budget.  We all know that you get what you pay for, and that nothing is free, but serious security is now within reach.


Interactive controlSmartphone Control

With our Connect 24 service you can arm/disarm your system and view the status of your alarm from your smartphone, or any Internet connection in the world. You can view camera images or have them texted to you when your child comes home or upon any other event. Find out if a door is open, unlocked or if your alarm is armed.  Control your security, thermostats, lighting and door locks from any smartphone or any computer in the world!


Home Automation

Imagine, as you come home and press a button from your car visor, your pathway into the home is lit, while your inside lights slowly ramp up, allowing your eyes time to adjust.  Your security system disarms and your temperature adjusts after saving energy all day, all while your favorite music begins to play!  More practically, a home automation or ‘smarthome’ system will also help you save on energy costs and enhance life safety and security.

Medical Monitoring System

Medical Monitoring System

Independence is priceless to all of us. Now you can protect your loved ones with medical needs and give them the independence they want, with our In-Home Medical Monitoring System.  A waterproof panic button and communication panel is always within reach in case of a fall.  Our trained care operators will speak to you hands free over the system and dispatch medical care for you, as well as contact your family and neighbors that you put on the list.


Wiring Experts

Whether you are building, renovating or simply ready for a new integrated home system, having an expert help you from the design and wiring phase, to the programming and instruction phase, will make all the difference between a system you are very happy with and one that is a huge frustration.  We have wired thousands of homes  in metro Atlanta and have installed thousands of systems. We know what works and what doesn’t.  Trusting a geek or electrician to know how to wire and install the latest systems successfully, would be like asking your cable company to monitor your alarm and give you good service!  You are too smart for that, so give us a call! We would love to be your next AV and security contractor! 770-529-1845

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