Panic Rooms / Reinforcement Services in Kennesaw, Canton, Marietta, Atlanta, Brookhaven, Alpharetta, GA, and the surrounding areas

We offer fully-custom panelized safe room kits for Private Residencies, Commercial premises, and educational facilities.

Our kits are available for shipping in and around Atlanta Georgia, and include everything you need to transform any existing room and retrofit it into a safe room

SystemsOne Security provides safe rooms and reinforcement services to home and business owners who want peace of mind in case of an emergency or home invasion. Our team of professionals will work with you to address your safety concerns and construct a room where you and your family can find absolute protection. From ballistic walls and windows, vault-like door reinforcement, exterior camera systems; we install the latest in high-tech security features including:

  • Fingerprint and Facial Recognition
  • Motorized Locks
  • Complete Motorized Pocket Doors
  • and more

Safe Rooms

A safe room, also known as a panic room, is a fortified room in your home or business. The structure of a safe room is separate from the rest of the building, and its door, walls, and windows can withstand extreme force.

Panic rooms serve as a place for people to hide during emergencies such as:

  • Tornadoes and hurricanes
  • Home invasion

We provide full Design & Installation of your bespoke Panic Room including custom design finishes to match existing interior design, or we can supply and ship complete Panic Room Kits to your door for your own individual project. Our security experts will work with you to plan the most convenient and secure safe room construction. You can choose to convert an existing room into a shelter or construct a new one. Keep in mind that the entrance should be easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Building Reinforcement

The secret to the complete protection of a safe room is using reinforcement when constructing the walls, door, and windows. The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) has guidelines for building shelters suitable for protection against severe weather, forced entry, and firearms.


Ballistic and blast windows

These can replace existing annealed windows to provide an equal protection level as the room’s other security features. The most cost-effective ballistic windows are fixed assemblies, usually called “picture windows“. Generally, windows of these types are fixed and inoperable. However, we offer some of the only operable bulletproof windows, which some clients desire for ventilation and escape route purposes.

The types of construction described in the FEMA guidelines include:

  • Conventionally cast concrete
  • Reinforced concrete blocks
  • Insulated concrete form (ICF)

Reinforced concrete construction ensures that your safe room will remain standing in even the worst disasters.

Steps to take in planning your Safe Room

  • Step 1: Choose Safe Room Location
  • Step 2: Determine Possible Threats
  • Step 3: Select Panic Room Windows and Walls
  • Step 4: Select Secure Entry Door
  • Step 5: Install Safe Room Components
  • Step 6: Create (and Practice) an Emergency Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you construct a safe room in your Atlanta area home or business?

The simplest way to build a safe room or panic room in your Atlanta area home or business is to make over a bathroom, closet or wine cellar, or unused space. Typically, the wooden door jamb is replaced with a steel one, the door itself is replaced with a solid-core door and a keyless deadbolt is installed in the door. Communication equipment is also necessary to install inside the room for emergency contact. You can get many other add-ons to a panic room, including steel reinforced walls, bullet-proof electronic doors, ventilation systems and gated ceilings to prevent entry from the attic. The ideal safe room is one that is easily accessible to you but hidden away and out of sight from an intruder.

How Much Does A Panic Room Cost?

A panic room’s cost depends on the size and how secure its components are. An 8′ x 10′ panic room may cost between $9,000 – $40,000 for high security walls and door, plus an additional $3,000 – $20,000 for expert installation. Ballistic windows add additional cost. Additionally, more exotic features such as over pressure filtration systems, high-tech automation and luxury interiors can greatly increase the overall price.

Do homeowners and business owners really have safe rooms near Atlanta?

Safe rooms, while they are popular with wealthy or famous individuals and successfull businesses, have been growing in popularity with middle-income families in the Atlanta area for the past 30 years. Exactly how many homes and businesses have panic rooms is a difficult number to determine as a panic room is a private space that should not be known to the general public.

What are safe rooms used for near Atlanta?

Safe rooms are primarily used for two different purposes:

  1. Protection from invasion – This type of panic room should be hidden, able to contact the authorities and hold someone out until help arrives.
  2. Protection from weather-related catastrophes – This safe room should be placed either in a basement or ground-level for protection against tornadoes and high windstorms. However, if you are concerned with flooding the room should be at a higher elevation.